Avocado Toast With Soft Boiled Eggs

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Avocado Toast with Soft-Boiled Eggs Recipe

Are you tired of boring breakfasts that never satisfy your taste buds? Then, try out this absolutely delicious avocado toast with soft-boiled eggs! Not only is it healthy and filling, but it is also incredibly easy to make.

To start, gather the following ingredients:
– 2 slices of your preferred bread
– 1 ripe avocado
– 2 eggs
– Salt and Pepper
– Chili flakes
– Olive Oil
– Lemon Juice

Begin by slicing the avocado in half and removing the pit. Utilize a spoon to scoop out the avocado and place it in a bowl. Add a pinch of salt and pepper, and drizzle about half a teaspoon of lemon juice.

Next, take the bread of your choice and toast it. Once it is toasted to your liking, drizzle some olive oil on top of each slice and spread the mashed avocado mixture evenly onto the bread.

Now, it’s time to boil the eggs to your desired consistency. We recommend a runny yolk, so let the eggs cook for about 6-7 minutes, then immediately put them in an ice bath to stop the cooking process. Peel the eggs and place them on top of the avocado toast.

Finish it off with another pinch of salt and pepper, chili flakes for a bit of spice – and voila! Your avocado toast with soft-boiled eggs is complete.

This breakfast is packed with nutrients and will keep you feeling full and energized throughout the day. The avocado provides healthy fats while the eggs are a great source of protein. Additionally, the chili flakes boost your metabolism and add a bit of excitement to your palate.

Don’t miss out on this delicious and nutritious meal! Give this avocado toast with soft-boiled eggs a try and start your day on the right foot.