Unique Egg fried rice… and some chicken

Tasty Egg fried rice… and some chicken In 18 minutes

Egg fried rice… and some chicken At home. Chicken egg-fried rice is a quick, easy and cheap way to use up leftovers. Perfect for late-night meals or dinner in a hurry. My egg fried rice recipe uses egg that's slightly flavored with turmeric and paprika, which I think is a unique addition. It adds color to the dish, making it a If the rice looks a little dry, feel free to sprinkle in some water or chicken stock. Adding some liquid directly to any remaining clumps of rice will also. This specific basic Fried Rice recipe ingredients is one of one of the best ways utilise remaining almond, as well as it ready within 18 minutes. Smashing naturally as well as being a facet

Egg fried rice... and some chicken Tenderising chicken breast and cooking it very fast means that it stays moist – perfect for this dish. This recipe cooks literally cooks in minutes – a. An easy, quick and family friendly meal, Leftover Chicken and Egg Fried Rice is perfect for a busy weeknight and a great way to use up your roast chicken But inevitably with a roast chicken there's always some leftovers (especially if you are like me and deliberately create some leftovers!) and then. In this morning, We are planning to show you making Egg fried rice… and some chicken DIY with simple ingredients, exactly like Chinese restaurants. My Egg fried rice… and some chicken recipe is the greatest on earth!

I will even coach you on how to use up leftover steamed rice and allow it to be into an appetizing, cheap, and flavorful meal for the entire family!

How to cook Egg fried rice… and some chicken?

Egg fried rice… and some chicken possibly the absolute most ordered meal or side on the menu at any sign up for restaurant, Egg fried rice… and some chicken is loved by people throughout the world. Adding crispy bacon to it causes it to be so good, you dont desire to order in after trying it out! Most recipes adhere to just soy sauce as a flavour base, but through the years of making it, I have discovered the best flavour combination to be manufactured from just four extra ingredients.

You can cook Egg fried rice… and some chicken using 5 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Egg fried rice… and some chicken:

  1. Prepare 1 of chicken breast.
  2. Prepare of Mug of rice.
  3. It’s 2 of x eggs.
  4. It’s of Soya sauce.
  5. Prepare 2 of x red chilli.

For Chicken ManchurianHeat the oil, add the whole red chilli, ginger and garlic pastes followed by the spring onions and chopped green chilli. splash of soya sauce. some spring onion for garnishing. Egg fried rice recipe with video made in restaurant style, simple, quick and easy. In a small bowl, beat egg with water. What do you like to put in your fried rice, or will you be celebrating Chinese new year with something a little more sophisticated?

Egg fried rice… and some chicken instructions:

  1. Throw the breast into a deep pot and slowly fry up… add a glug of soya sauce.
  2. Cook your rice up 2 days before! Then fry with a little oil on high.
  3. Once the rice gets a light golden brown look… make some space and drop in 2 eggs…..
  4. Let the eggs fry up then smash em…. before mixing with the rice adding a chopped chilli to taste.
  5. Add chicken it it's a main meal… or just for the hell of it….
  6. Add soya sauce to taste… add a little at a time..
  7. Mix that bad boy up.
  8. Serve up and enjoy!.

Chinese Egg Fried Rice (蛋炒饭) is a featured Chinese dish popular in all over the country. Another important side ingredient for basic fried rice is green onions. Green onions are chopped into small pieces and add to the rice at the very last step. But throw in some scrambled eggs, some nice veggies and chicken, and you are in for a treat. Chicken can either be leftover from another meal or cooked with the fried rice.

Some tips to make Egg fried rice… and some chicken

Please do not use fresh steamed rice whilst the rice grains have an excessive amount of moisture content and too starchy for stir fry. The rice will clump and stick together in lumps.

Use leftover steamed rice, or “overnight” rice. It indicates rice that were left overnight in the refrigerator whilst the rain grains are drier and have lost the moisture content.

The next time you dine out at Chinese restaurants or takeout restaurants, ask for an additional serving of steamed white rice. Carry it home and retain in the refrigerator. A day later, you have the perfect “overnight” or leftover rice that is great for making this recipe.


Instead of the rice try adding cauliflower or quinoa for a healthier gluten free twist.
For protein add beef, shrimp or chicken to this recipe. Simply brown the protein first, put aside then toss back with the rice and veggies once they`ve finished cooking.

For a twist try adding chopped up kimchi for kimchi fried rice. It adds the right tang and heat! Brown rice may be substituted for the white rice for extra fiber and nutrients. Feel absolve to substitute whatever vegetables you`ve on hand. Red bell peppers, celery or broccoli would all be great in this!

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