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Omlet containing fried rice for Mom. A plain omelet cloaks ketchup-flavored fried rice, often called "chicken rice" even when it's made with ham or bacon, or no meat at all. It belongs to the category of so-called Western food know as yoshoku. This one takes cues from omurice served at countless kissaten, Japanese diners. The rice is usually pan-fried with ketchup and chicken, then wrapped in a thin sheet of egg omelette. It's one of my children's favorite meals with fried rice, eggs, and lots of ketchup. This classic Melted Rice formula is just one of my personal favorite ways to utilise remaining rice, this is prepared inside of 17 minutes. Smashing naturally or even like a section

Omlet containing fried rice Japanese food,Omelet containing fried rice. y. Autor: yasuhiro amano. jadło jedzenie pożywienie żywność japonka japończyk japoński japońskie język japoński omlet ryż dalszy plan drugi plan kontekst tapeta tło kura kurczak tchórz gotowanie kuchnia bankiet obiad jajko jajo komórka jajowa fried japonia. This fried rice recipe is adapted from the fried rice served in our restaurant. Today, We are planning to coach you on steps to make Omlet containing fried rice At home with simple ingredients, just like Chinese restaurants. My Omlet containing fried rice recipe is the better on earth!

I will even show you how to use up leftover steamed rice and make it into an appetizing, cheap, and flavorful meal for the entire family!

Can I cook Omlet containing fried rice?

Omlet containing fried rice possibly probably the most ordered meal or side on the menu at any remove restaurant, Omlet containing fried rice is loved by people all over the world. Adding crispy bacon to it helps it be so good, you dont wish to order in after trying it out! Most recipes stick to just soy sauce as a flavour base, but over time of creating it, I have discovered the best flavour combination to be made from just four extra ingredients.

You can cook Omlet containing fried rice using 9 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Omlet containing fried rice:

  1. It’s 150 g of rice.
  2. Prepare 50 g of chicken.
  3. You need 1/4 of onion.
  4. Prepare 1 of green pepper.
  5. Prepare 3 tablespoons of ketchup.
  6. Prepare 2 of eggs.
  7. Prepare 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise.
  8. It’s 1 tablespoon of milk.
  9. You need 10 g of butter.

In my opinion, it is hard to define the best fried rice because every palate is unique. However, since this method is easy to replicate and required just a few ingredients, we hope it is useful for anyone who intends to replicate it. It is tir-fried with butter. </li></ul><ul><li>② Rice is put there and it stir-fries with catsup and salt pepper. </li></ul>. It puts it in the frying-pan mixing the egg that put sugar in. </li></ul><ul><li>② When the egg hardens a little, rice is put and it encompasses it. </li></ul>.

Omlet containing fried rice step by step:

  1. First, we make chicken rice. Chop an onion and green pepper finely..
  2. Fry onion and green pepper and chicken in frying pan..
  3. Add cooked rice into frying pan and fry..
  4. Add ketchup into frying pan and fry. When the rice with ingredients is mixed, chicken rice is ready..
  5. Next, we make omlet. Mix egg and milk and mayonnaise..
  6. Spread butter in frying pan. And melt this butter..
  7. Add egg liquid into fryingpan with butter..
  8. Mix this egg liquid on the frying pan..
  9. When this egg liquid become soft, put this omlet on chicken rice. By this process, the omlet containing fried rice is ready..

With sweet and savory chicken and tomato fried rice on the inside, and the possibility to decorate the top with hearts, stars, and faces, this is one of those dishes that's loved by kids and grownups alike in Omurice, or Omuraisu as it's pronounced in Japan, is a portmanteau of "Omelette" and "Rice." He starts by frying rice in a carbon steel skillet, tossing it every which way until each grain is coated in a sheen of demi-glace and oil. He fried the rice on that griddle, and, after mounding it on a plate, made the omelette on the griddle, too. Except that it wasn't a true rolled omelette. Home-style fried rice can be as humble as basic egg fried rice or as luxury as this Yangzhou fried rice, a star throughout the country. Basically rice is almost all-purpose for vegetables and meats.

Easy tips to make Omlet containing fried rice

Please do not use fresh steamed rice while the rice grains have a lot of moisture content and too starchy for stir fry. The rice will clump and stick together in lumps.

Use leftover steamed rice, or “overnight” rice. It means rice that had been left overnight in the refrigerator since the rain grains are drier and have lost the moisture content.

Next time you dine out at Chinese restaurants or takeout restaurants, require a supplementary serving of steamed white rice. Take it home and retain in the refrigerator. The following day, you have the perfect “overnight” or leftover rice that will be great for causeing the recipe.


Rather than the rice try adding cauliflower or quinoa for a healthier gluten free twist.
For protein add beef, shrimp or chicken to this recipe. Simply brown the protein first, reserve then toss back in with the rice and veggies once they`ve finished cooking.

For a twist try adding chopped up kimchi for kimchi fried rice. It adds the right tang and heat! Brown rice may be substituted for the white rice for added fiber and nutrients. Feel liberated to substitute whatever vegetables you`ve on hand. Red bell peppers, celery or broccoli would all be great in this!

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